Build your business through INSTAGRAM ADS.
Bring awareness to a highly interactive audience, increase customer base and share your story.

What’s Instagram ads ?

If you are an Instagramer be it newbie or and old user. You might have come across many video ads that promotes that specific firm, business, education….

Common eg., ads promoting the tours and travels business, Universities abroad promoting their outclass educational system abroad with various scholarships…

These ads promoting various labels and firms through Instagram are called Instagram ads.

Their are several types of Instagram Ads through which you can reach more customers

Story Advertisement in Instagram Ads:-


Complete your feed content with advertisements on Instagram Stories. It is on of the best way for Instagram ads. Join more than 500 million accounts daily through stories. Learn more about

Photo ad :-


Tell your story with a clean, easy and delightful inventive canvas. Photos could also be in Square or landscape format.

Video advertising :-


Get an equivalent visual quality as exposure ads — with the additional power of visual, sound, and motion. And currently you’ll share videos up to a hundred and twenty seconds in landscape or square. format

Carousel advertising :-


Add another layer of depth to campaigns. Wherever folks will swipe to look at further photos or videos during a single ad.

Advertise in Explore :-

Advertise in Explore

Reach people interested in search by sending your feed ads. To audiences who want to expand their interests beyond the accounts they follow. 

Reach people who mean the most to you


Reach the exact audience you want with your ads using our micro targeting options.


Target people based on specific locations such as states, provinces, cities or countries.


Limit your audience based on information such as age, gender, and languages.


Reach them based on interests such as the applications people use, the ads they click and the accounts they follow.


Set your audience according to the activities people do on and off Instagram and Facebook


Run ads based on email addresses or phone numbers for customers you already know.


Find new people similar to your existing customers.

Why promote business through Instagram Ads?

As a leading and one of the favorite social media platform Instagram has a large community of users among the globe. People spend a bit of their time in Instagram.

Over 1b+ downloads and tends to have a community that can be reached through one image or video or audio.

So if you are looking to expand the reach of your business by promoting. Make no mistake Instagram seems to be more worthy platform to make your business reach more audience.

How does Insta ads work?

So the main question that arise is How does insta ad works?

Here the answer is –

If starting your own business, you yourself may try hard to spend little bucks to promote your business offline. But the output is not satisfactory.

But using Insta ads may be wise decision made by you if you are (not dumb) 😉

When promoting your start-up through Instagram ads. Instagram within an ease of click spreads your start-up related video and image article to millions of people.

So here with spending same amount of money than offline sources, you get a reach of millions more. What’s more convenient?

I bet nothing else.

You can also promote your start-up using location-based range. Where you can choose to expand the reach of your advertisement choosing the wide range of specific location

So I would firmly recommend to keep patience and promote your start up through Instagram ads

This blog was dedicated to those who look to start up their business but get no idea about promoting through social media platform. Here in Exponential-Digi, in the next blog will be explaining the promotion through other social media platform like Facebook and also Google ads so stay tune with us…

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